About Paul Jen Communications

Established in Fort McMurray in 2015, Paul Jen Communications Inc. has always taken pride in our project management. Our knowledge and experience allow us to identify and address projects of any size in an efficient, cost-effective manner – that achieves results.

Paul Jen Communications builds our clients’ campaigns around three guiding principles: awareness & education; growth & amplification, and impact. The positive outcomes our clients experience reach beyond financial gains. They see us as a partner who helps them maximize the impact of the project.

We provide detailed critical path documentation by looking deeply into your company and creating an informed blueprint, ensuring that everything you do, internally and externally, aligns with your mission, vision, and values. Our strategic planning process includes benchmarking like-minded organizations to explore industry best practices, speaking with company stakeholders to gain key insights, and developing a thoughtful strategy that aligns with your overall goals and helps to drive greater success.